Bias on the Right

It would be misleading for us to report the bias on the Left and not to discuss the bias on the Right also. Whenever the citizens or their press ceases to self-govern and tolerates incomplete or inaccurate reporting, it is an existential threat to Liberty. It is not OK for “our guys” to match the tactics of the Left with the same tactics. Here are two examples of shameful misinformation on the “right”.

Restoring Civic Virtue – Redemption

If we believe that God created the earth and that it was good, and that The Fall has corrupted the world, leading to the evil that is evident around us, then we are justified in asking “What is God doing about this?” That is where Redemption comes in. But it is not just those other guys that need God’s redemption, it is you and it is me – every one of us has sinned and needs redemption.