Chaos in America

Chaos and confusion seem to be increasing. The chaos and confusion arise because a large part of our population has rejected a worldview with an objective definition of truth. What we are witnessing today is a clash of worldviews. The pagan and secular worldviews seek to supplant the Biblical worldview as the foundation of our culture. Yet only the Biblical worldview is based on the premise that God is the Creator and is therefore the only foundation based on truth.

Bias on the Right

It would be misleading for us to report the bias on the Left and not to discuss the bias on the Right also. Whenever the citizens or their press ceases to self-govern and tolerates incomplete or inaccurate reporting, it is an existential threat to Liberty. It is not OK for “our guys” to match the tactics of the Left with the same tactics. Here are two examples of shameful misinformation on the “right”.